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Top 10 of 2017 [Year in Review]


I can’t believe this is the last post of our first year as a blogging duo! It has been so incredible and we’ve hit so many milestones this year. The Ginger Mom has topped 100 followers on WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram (Facebook, you’re slow to the party . . . get with the party *wink*). And we have our readers to thank for that – you’re amazing! All of you! *tries to reach through the computer for a hug . . . hits forehead and looks like a moron instead* 

*pretends nothing embarrassing just happened* Guess what starts tomorrow? The 2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge is FINALLY here! We have been waiting months for it and tomorrow, January 1st, we finally get to start our adventure through the alphabet! But first, let’s talk about 2017 🙂


(in no particular order)

  1. Fragile Chaos – Amber R. Duell (because who doesn’t love a refreshing twist on the Greek Gods? These are entirely new gods and goddesses . . . and Theo, God of War? Yum!
  2. A Dash of Love – Liz Isaacson (two chefs and a “dash of love”? Yes please!)
  3. The Real McCoys – Matthew Swanson & Robbi Behr (great for something to just . . . make you laugh. Make you remember what it was like to be a goofy kid)
  4. The Time Travel Trailer and Trailer on the Fly – Karen Musser Nortman (an antique trailer, mother-daughter duo, and time travel! What’s not to love? Read them together – you’ll thank us later!)
  5. Highland Ruse – Madeline Martin (who knew Scottish historical fiction could be so steamy?)
  6. Princess of the Damned – Wendy Knight (and I now I have an irrational fear of Bloody Mary coming through my bathroom mirror . . .)
  7. The Raine Stockton series by Donna Ball (it isn’t much of a jump to figure out why I love the Raine Stockton series . . . mysteries, dogs, romance . . . yep, it’s got it all)
  8. White Knights – Julie Moffett (this review will be coming early in January but let me just say – Hogwarts for geeks)
  9. Timeless – Michelle Madow (time travel, Pride and Prejudice, and magic!)
  10. 13 Minutes – Sarah Pinborough (although I didn’t really like any of the characters, this was a great mystery with a twist at the end that I definitely didn’t see coming!)


  1. Any book by David Rosenfelt (if you love Goldens) is a total hit!
  2. I have the series from William Kent Krueger, starting with Iron Lake . . . always good to re-read.
  3. And of course, my three favorite Stephen King books . . . The Stand, Insomnia, and Christine. I sure wish he would write another book to Christine . . . perhaps about a gal fixing up an old truck, maybe called Wyatt. Interesting . . .
  4. Lady Quinn and Mister Chu adored Absolutely Aggie this year, too! Check out Mister Chu’s Christmas Picks if you need more KidLit recommendations 🙂

That’s it. The end of 2017. The possibilities for 2018 are endless . . . will you join us on this new adventure?


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