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[Review] Beyond Forever – D.D. Marx [Blog Tour]


Welcome, once again, to the Ginger Mom’s stop on the Beyond Forever iRead tourWe are very excited to be a part of this tour.
083d9-beyond2bforever2bbook2b3.jpgBeyond Forever
by D.D. Marx
Series: The Beyond Trilogy
Publisher: Beyond Dreams Publishing Group
Release Date: December 12, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format Read: Kindle
Source: Author for Review
Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

Just as their life is seemingly back on track, Finn McDaniel’s gets news that sends him into a tail-spin. He is faced with the prospect of losing Olivia Henry forever. He immediately turns to Dan, Olivia’s deceased best friend, who is her loyal and constant guardian angel from the beyond, imploring him for his help. In the midst of all the chaos a special package is delivered that changes their lives forever.

While Finn is determined to grow his restaurant to new heights by chasing after the coveted Michelin Star, it is Olivia who finally sees her dream come to fruition in a way never thought possible. Finn is determined to support Olivia through her shocking breakthrough and even has a very special surprise up his sleeve that she never sees coming. Just as their plan is set in to motion and they settle into their new normal, they have an earth shattering encounter. In that moment it is revealed that they have much more than just a spiritual relationship with the beyond. 

Megan's review

This book was the conclusion to the Beyond Trilogy by D.D. Marx. If you haven’t read Beyond Believing or Beyond Love, go check them out before continuing with this review. It’s okay. We’ll wait 🙂

All good? Okay, let’s get this review on the road. Beyond Forever picks right up where the last one left off. Olivia is pregnant (and makes everything seem super peachy) with her and Finn’s first child. Finn and his buddy / co-restaurant owner, Tex, are getting ready to expand their restaurant, Christine’s, by opening another. Oh, and Olivia wrote a movie script. All caught up? Great!

Let’s talk about the characters, because really, without them we have no story. First, Olivia. Still as annoying as ever. Sorry, I just couldn’t connect with her character on any level. And it still hit me the wrong way that she basically prays to Dan, her deceased friend, and has everyone else doing the same thing. They believe Dan is the cause of everything that happens, instead of just a guardian angel watching over them. That being said, she does seem like a good mom. I will give her that.

Finn. Oh sexy Scottish Finn. Why don’t I have this book in audio format? *fans herself dramatically until composure has been returned* Okay, I’m better. I loved Finn’s character in this book. I have always connected with him more than Olivia but here we see him as a devoted father and it amps his charm up a notch.

flustered sailor moon

Tex. I would love to see a novella in his point of view. I feel like there was so much we didn’t get to see from Tex in this series. He is very down-to-earth and always pretty positive. I love how he and Finn connected and just stuck.

As the conclusion of a trilogy, I did feel like this book wrapped everything up well. There weren’t any loose ends, nor did you feel like it just ended abruptly. I did struggle with my concept of time, but not as much as the other two books.

It was a good read and definitely quicker than the other two. Would I pick it up again? Probably not because I already know what happens. Would I recommend it? To readers who really love contemporary and don’t have a problem with first person narratives, yes. I would. I’m glad I continued with the series because it was nice to see how everything came together.


Again, a huge thank you to iRead Book Tours and D.D Marx for sending me a review copy of this book and for letting the Ginger Mom be a part of this tour 🙂 AND, if you haven’t already entered in the GIVEAWAY, check out the massive list of goodies being given away and then go ENTER! It’s open until December 28, 2017!

That’s all the excitement (and swoon-worthy Finn) I have for you today . . .
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11 thoughts on “[Review] Beyond Forever – D.D. Marx [Blog Tour]”

  1. Sounds like another winner. I find it funny that you said, “if you don’t have a problem with first person-” I never knew people had a preference in POV until I started reviewing books.

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  2. I’m a huge lover of contemporary and just haven’t found a book to scratch my itch so to spea. I’ll have to start at the beginning though because I’ll need the whole story. They all seem like they would be a nice quick read.


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