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Beat the Backlist 2018 #NetgalleyEdition


I saw this challenge in about June or July and thought yea, maybe I will give it a go. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. I signed up for too many tours (not that I regret it because oh the books!) and just didn’t have time to read the books that have been sitting on my shelf forever. This includes a very long list of NetGalley titles. Very. Long. List. 

So, amid preparations for our 2018 AtoZ Challenge, I joined a Facebook group for promoting your blog and one of the bloggers had her sign-up post for the 2018 Beat the Backlist challenge. On her list, she highlighted her NetGalley books . . .

challenge accepted

In 2018, I am going to knock as many books off my NetGalley list as possible (because eventually, they’re going to stop giving me books if I don’t get them reviewed. That would be bad). I am going to put one stipulation on this challenge . . .

no book read for the Beat the Backlist will count toward my AtoZ Challenge list. 

There is nothing wrong with using a book for more than one challenge. I just feel like I can do so much more. So I will. 

What does my backlist look like?


First of all, it looks like I have too much time on my hands. Other than that, it looks a little like this . . .

1 – Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters – Suzanne Weyn
2 – The Immortal Rules – Julie Kagawa
3 – Runes – Ednah Walters
4 – Storm – Evan Angler
5 – Demigods and Monsters – edited by Rick Riordan
6 – Summoned – Rainy Kaye
7 – Stifled – Rainy Kaye
8 – Withering Rose – Kaitlyn Davis
9 – If the Magic Fits – Susan Maupin Schmid
10 – Seize Today – Pintip Dunn
11 – Mask of Shadows – Linsey Miller
12 – The Post-It Note Affair – Justine Avery
13 – The Waking Land – Callie Bates
14 – Defy the Stars – Claudia Gray
15 – Freeks – Amanda Hocking
16 – A Baxter Family Christmas – Karen Kingsbury
17 – Extracted – Sherry D. Ficklin & Tyler H. Jolley
18 – Spindle – Shonna Slayton
19 – Remember Yesterday – Pintip Dunn
20 – Chasing Embers – James Bennet

An even twenty. Huh. Un-planned but it works. Twenty backlist books in one year. Bring it on. Proudly declaring myself a member of the Novel Knights!


That’s all for now!
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29 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist 2018 #NetgalleyEdition”

    1. lol. Mine is about 30% I believe. My problem has been that I requested so many amazing ones and then took a blogging break and then came back to a bunch to read … plus there are always so many new good ones lol. So catching up!


  1. No double counting backlist and A to Z books? That’s bold!! I’d be too tempted to cheat 🙂 I’m thinking of doing both challenges this year… but I’ll probably let myself double count. 😉 (That’s allowed… right?)


  2. Just a question: Don’t your books expire? Like I read my netgalley titles on acrobat app on my PC, but they show a limited time period durig which I could access the book. Then they expire. Like even I have sooo many books on my dashboard but zero time


  3. I love Netgalley, I finally am down to only having 2 books left on my list to read for them. The only thing that bothers me is there is no timeline that the authors can reject or approve. So I have a handful just waiting to be rejected or approved, and then they come in swarms…I’ll get a bunch at one time. I also am behind on my ARC plus my books on my shelf need some major loving, my Kindle has been hogging all the attention.

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  4. You are quite brave, not double-counting! (I don’t think I could do it lol) Love that you’re using the challenge to knock out those NetGalley books! I’ll be doing a bit of the same!
    Thanks for signing up for BTB and good luck!


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