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[Review] The Berry Patch – Elise Monsour Puckett [Giveaway]

IMG_20171130_124937_311000.png the berry patchThe Berry Patch
by Elise Monsour Puckett
Illustrated by Tessa Riley
Series: The Adventures of Scout & Kit #1
Publisher: Roly Poly Books
Release Date: November 2, 2017
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Pages: 36
Age Level: 2-8 years
Format Read: paperback
Source: Author for Review
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Come along with Scout and Kit on their adventure through the Berry Patch. Learn with them as they meet a talking mouse who teaches them about the different kinds of berries and the importance of not picking or eating wild berries without parents’ permission. This whimsical story with its magical garden will enchant children as their imaginations run wild!
Megan's review

Lady Quinn is 2, Mister Chu 4 and they were both entranced by this adorable story! Whimsical is right. It’s such a light, sweet story that is perfect for kids of any age.

Scout and Kit start their morning off wanting to pick flowers for their Mommy. But oh no, the flowers have been bitten by the frost! Well, off on an adventure they go 🙂 They find this magical garden and meet different animals, all the while learning about yummy berries!

The best stories, in my opinion, are the ones that teach kids important lessons while keeping it fun and light. This book does exactly that. They’re taught about picking berries and doing it in a safe way. But to kids, this is just a fun adventure.


Thank you so much to Elise for this adorable book! The little ones loved it and on top of this review, we have an exciting little surprise for you!

What is it?


That’s right! Elise was kind enough to send us an extra copy of her adorable book so that we could do a giveaway! One lucky little kid is going to receive not only their own copy of The Berry Patch, signed by the author herself, but TWO adorable coloring pages! Yes, that’s right. Mister Chu decided he was going to share his coloring pages not only with his little sister (just like Scout looks after his little sister), but with another kid! Melt my heart!

This giveaway is, unfortunately, only open to the US (sorry guys, postage). It runs from December 1st (that’s today!) until December 8 (next Friday).

How do you enter? Leave us a comment below with your favorite kids book (it can be one you remember from your childhood or one you love reading to your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephews/friend’s kids). You don’t have to have kids to enter! Want to surprise your neighbor’s kid with a book for Christmas? Or are you just a kid at heart and want to read this book for yourself? We don’t judge here (I have a pretty big stash of kid’s books that haven’t touched little hands yet – all Mama’s!).

At the end of next week, we will randomly choose one winner! Good luck!

That’s all for today!
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10 thoughts on “[Review] The Berry Patch – Elise Monsour Puckett [Giveaway]”

  1. Favorite kids book has got to be The Polar Express. Especially this time of year! I like the movie, too, but nothing can compare to getting lost in the pages of a wonderful book!!

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  2. My daughter and my favorite book right now is Read to Tiger. We have to read it almost every night upon Savannah’s request.

    But would always love more books she loves being read to!

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  3. There are so many children’s books I love reading to my kids list see….Jesse Bear what will you, Goonightmoon, A Tattoo Story, The old lady who swallowed a fly ( I still laugh at this one), Hungry caterpillar,. Rainbow Fish (that’s a classic), The goodnight book. Stick Kid (such a cute story of growth), The paper Bag Princess….I could go on but I think these are probably my favorite of the bunch.

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