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[Review] Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie – Michelle Eastman


Since starting our KidLit Spotlight, we have been introduced to so many amazing children’s fiction authors! Yet another is Michelle R. Eastman, author of the Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie. You may remember seeing this book on Mister Chu’s #TopTen Christmas Picks (he thinks it would make a great Black Friday purchase *wink* – and, with the beauty of Amazon, you don’t even have to brave the crazy people for this one!)

Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie
by Michelle R. Eastman
Illustrated by Kevin Richter
Publisher: Byway Press
Release Date: October 8, 2015
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age Level: 3-8
Pages: 48
Format Read: paperback
Source: Author for Review
Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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Aggie is a little Dust Fairy with a big problem. She wants to join the fairy band, but they do not approve of her offbeat style. Aggie is determined to impress them, but that turns out to be harder than she imagined. Just when she thinks she will never find a way to fit in, Aggie discovers it might be more fun to stand out. 

Focus? The bagpipe. Every time it popped up, it was the first thing he noticed. “Mom, she makes music!” He’s already a musical child so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that he noticed the bagpipe. On the last page, as is a sure sign he loves a book, “Mom read it again.” And read it again, we did.

Megan's review

brave excited

You get my boy reading, you’re good by me! Let’s just say that he loved this book so much, we bought a Kindle copy for my his Kindle Fire. Because pretty book, sticky fingers . . . um, no.

Illustrations – absolutely gorgeous! I loved that Aggie is, essentially, a wild-haired ginger 🙂 Extra credit for that! About half of this book was in darker colors, being set after bedtime when the fairies come out but it’s still a light, gorgeous read!

The story itself – I adored this book. Serious five stars. I loved Aggie’s uniqueness. She looks different than the other fairies – ginger and a bit crazy – and she acts different – bagpipes and eccentric attitude. And at first, she’s upset that she doesn’t fit in. Then she finds someone who’s just as different as she is! This book shows kids (and adults alike) that you don’t have to be cookie-cutter perfect to be happy. Aggie gets to be herself and rocks it!


Stop by Instagram today to see just how much Mister Chu enjoyed this book! He was such a well-behaved unique little model 🙂 And watch for the interview and exciting giveaway we will be doing just in time for Christmas!

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