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“So What If-?” [#AtoZChallenge FAQs]


This is our first hosted challenge. We’re not pros. We’ve forgotten a few things.

Glad I got that off my chest! That being said, we have had people asking the same few questions since we announced our challenge. So instead of answering multiple comments with the same question, we are going to post them all here, along with the answers 🙂

Don’t see your question? No problem! Leave it in the comments below (or on any of the other AtoZ Challenge posts) and we will answer it and add it to the list!

Sound good?


Q1 – What about the tough letters (Q, X, Z)?
This is a challenge and we don’t want to make it too easy. That being said, we understand that not everybody will find that perfect book for every letter. So, we’ve created the Freebie Letter. Think of it kinda like Bingo. You get a free space to work with 🙂 If you want more info on that, check out the AtoZ Challenge announcement!

Q2 – Can I read manga or graphic novels for this challenge?
Absolutely! At the same time, I am going to add that there is no minimum or maximum page length. No format restrictions (although I think it goes without saying that it has to be a book. No articles or magazines, please). You can read audio, comics, hardcover/paperback, kindle/nook, etc. In fact, we will be challenging you (through monthly mini challenges) to try other formats throughout the year!

Q3 – Do “a”, “an”, or “the” count as the title?
No, they do not. I use my own Review Index as an example – The Sky Throne by Chris Ledbetter is categorized as Sky Throne, The. So it falls under “S”. Make sense? But of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Q4 – Do I have to complete every letter of the alphabet in order to participate? What about to be included in the giveaway at the end of the year?
This one I don’t think I really explained in the Announcement post. You can participate with ONE book or with TWENTY-SIX or any number in between. We will have different levels of participation (with different badges to display on your site!). But none of that really matters. As far as the giveaway is concerned, the number of books you read is directly related to the number of entries you get in the giveaway? Example – if you read 12 books in 2018, and submit reviews for them, you will have 12 entries into the giveaway in December (that exciting $100 Amazon gift card!).

Q5 – What type of link counts toward the gift card?
Any retailer link (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, iBooks, Kobo, etc.), Goodreads, or your own blog post! (Because let’s face it, just because a book gets read in January, doesn’t mean it’s going to make it onto your blog in January. Take 5 minutes to write up a review on Amazon or Goodreads and submit it for credit! And some people aren’t going to be participating with a blog!)

Q6 – What type of post counts as an AtoZ sign-up?
I should have posted this one earlier. Answer? Blog posts, Twitter status (just don’t forget to tag @ginger_mom17 so we can see them!), Instagram TBR photos (again, tag us!). Just remember, wherever you announce it, come back and link it!

Q7 – How long do I have to link my reviews?
The link will open each month on the first day at 12:01AM (central time) and will close on the last day of the month at 11:59PM (also central time). After that, the link will close and you will no longer be able to submit your reviews for that month. Each month is going to have its own link so watch for it! (Don’t worry, we’ll announce it on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram, as well). 

Q8 – How do I participate in the Blogger Spotlight?
We will be talking more about this in December but it’s super easy – email Megan & Crystal at or reach out to us on Twitter (@ginger_mom17). Keep your eyes open for more info on that 🙂 It’s going to be lots of fun!

Q9 – Do I have to read the books in order?
Absolutely not. You can read any letter you want in any order you want.

Q10  – Do ARCs count for this challenge?
I never even thought about answering this challenge. Of course they do! As long as it’s a book, it counts!


17 thoughts on ““So What If-?” [#AtoZChallenge FAQs]”

    1. I am to. I’ve even plundered Goodreads’ Listopia lists to find a few options for X books. Not worried about Q at all (I have at least 3 books on my TBR that start with the word “Queen”), and I have Isabel Allende’s Zorro slated for Z. 🙂 Piece of cake! Now I just have to read them all, haha. 😉


  1. Seems like I am late to the party and YES, count me in. I will put up a post in my blog, of course with a link too yours soon. I am excited ! Thanks for hosting this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a GREAT question!
      We talked it over and….unfortunately, we have to go by the title, so any books (like the Harry Potter series) would have to go under “H”.


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