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[Book Blogger Hop] Side Quest #4


It feels like it’s been FOREVER since we last did the Book Blogger Hop! If you’re new and don’t know what the Book Blogger Hop is – it’s a weekly hop hosted by Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer (I absolutely love her blog – seriously, go check it out!) and it is so much fun! Each week, there is a new question to answer (the hop runs from Friday until the following Thursday) and all you have to do is link up your answer and hop around to other blogs and say hi! Easy peasy and so much fun! This week’s question comes from Kristin @ Lukten av Trykksverte . . .

If you had an author-only Thanksgiving party, who would you invite? 


thinking thinking

First, I would invite two of my author friends that I have never met – Lindzee Armstrong and Wendy Knight. Then there’s Nia Mya Reese – who wouldn’t want a super-talented child author at their Thanksgiving table? And Michelle Madow – have you read the Transcend Time Saga? Oh. My. Gosh! And Melissa Foster! She is on my author auto buy list so why not my Thanksgiving table? And of course, the amazing Claressa Swensen and Megan Linski! I think that might round out the table 🙂


lucy and ricky thinking

Who else? Stephen King or David Rosenfelt! What a party that would be! And Megan, I think we’re going to need a bigger table 😉

Who would you invite?


27 thoughts on “[Book Blogger Hop] Side Quest #4”

  1. I don’t know who I would invite. I have some childhood favorites but then I have some new minds I would love to pick. I’ll have to host an author drop in party in order to get them all through the door.

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  2. Oh, I LOVE those GIFS!!! 😀 😀
    To be quite honest, Stephen King would be MUCH too scary for me, but the other authors sound like fun! Not that I’ve heard of any of them, lol. But, if they’re NOT scary, then they would be very welcome at my Thanksgiving table, along with the ones I already have on the list! Lol. I would need a MUCH bigger table, too!! Lol.
    Sorry for the late comment back…. 😦
    Thanks to Megan for commenting on my own BBH post! Hope both of you and your families have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!! ❤ 😀

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