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[Author Interview] Lindzee Armstrong

There are some authors we just can’t get enough of. Lindzee Armstrong is one of them! She was kind enough to do an interview for us back in June of 2016 and has graciously agreed to come back and talk to us again today!


Lindzee Armstrong is the USA Today bestselling author of the No Match for Love series and Sunset Plains Romance series. Like any true romantic, she loves chick flicks, ice cream, and chocolate. She believes in sigh-worthy kisses and happily ever afters, and loves expressing that through her writing.

Lindzee met her true love while at college, where she studied history education. She and her Prince Charming are now happily married and raising twin boys in the Rocky Mountains.

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Lindzee, thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview 🙂 We are so excited to have you here! So, how about that interview?


Q1 – In Kiss Me in the Moonlight, one of your main characters – Nick – is a spy. What got you interested in writing about that?
I’d been writing romantic comedies for a long time. As much as I love the No Match for Love series, I began feeling like my writing needed to go in a different direction for a while. So I decided to start a new series (the Kiss Me series), where each book would have a bit of suspense thrown in. And what’s more suspenseful and mysterious than a government spy? 🙂 It’s been challenging me as a writer, and I’ve really been enjoying it!

Q2 – How many of the sites on Paige and her group’s tour have you been to, if any?
I’ve been everywhere that Paige and the group go! In fact, they follow a slightly altered version of the tour I took in 2008. 🙂 Brussels, the Joan of Arc sites, the Swiss Alps, Paris, Amsterdam . . . I’ve visited it all!

Q3 – In Kiss Me in the Rain, Layla was one of my favorite characters so I was just wondering – did you have a particular inspiration for her?
I don’t know where Layla came from . . . I guess she’s kind of the girl I want to be friends with. 🙂 Paige is a bit like me – a serious academic with a bit of an anxiety problem. I wanted to add a secondary character that would lighten up the story a bit, and Layla was born. I fell in love with her – so much so that I had to write the end of her and Tyler’s story in Kiss Me in the Rain.

Q4 – The last time I interviewed you, you were still close to the beginning of the No Match for Love series. Now that you are so much farther through, do you have a favorite character or book?
I think Zoey is probably my favorite character in the No Match for Love series, and Mix ‘N Match is probably my favorite story. Can you tell I have a thing for Europe? 😉 I loved visiting Paris with Mitch and Zoey, and I LOVE the ending to that book. It’s probably my favorite ending I’ve ever written. That being said, Brooke and Luke will always have a special place in my heart. They’re the couple that started it all! And I love each and every book in that series for a different reason.

Q5 – If you were going to describe yourself through the eyes of your character(s), what would you say?
That’s a tough one! I’m going to instead pick the character I’m most like. 😉 I’d probably say Paige is the one with the biggest similarities to myself. I also majored in history, although I didn’t get my PhD. Like Paige, I wanted to be a teacher. I got my teaching certificate and did my student teaching at a high school, then substitute taught all grades for a while before the twins. I’m a little insecure and struggle with anxiety over silly things, but I also am blunt and speak my mind with those I know well. It was so fun imagining myself in Paige’s shoes as I wrote Kiss Me in the Moonlight.

Q6 – Okay, because I just finished (and absolutely adored) Chasing Someday, these next few questions are about that book. First, how did you decide to write about something as challenging and emotional as infertility?
I’ve struggled with infertility nearly my entire marriage (nine years of struggling this month, actually). I’ve been blessed with twin boys, who are six now, but we always wanted a big family and have gone through a multitude of infertility treatments both before and after my sons’ birth, as well as adoption attempts. I noticed early on in our struggle how taboo the topic of infertility seemed to be, yet I encountered so many couples whose hearts were breaking because of this very thing! I wanted to write a book that brought everything to light – the shame, the secrecy, the emotions, the financial cost, the physical and emotional toll, the relationship challenges. So that’s exactly what I did. 🙂 I chose three main characters for this book specifically so I could showcase a variety of infertility diagnoses and outcomes, as well as the full gamet of emotions and reactions to dealing with infertility.

Q7 – This story was originally published as Wishing on Baby Dust. I have to ask – why the cover and name change?
I originally published this story in a niche market under a different title. Ultimately, I decided to change the name and cover to better fit the women’s fiction genre, and re-released it to a wider market so that it could reach (and hopefully help) more readers.

Q8 – Did you have a favorite character out of the three women? I think mine was Megan (no, not for the obvious reasons lol). I absolutely loved her optimism.
I don’t think I really have a favorite character. I put a piece of my soul into each one, and love them all for different reasons. I’m outspoken and blunt about our infertility, like Megan. But I also am a little stiff and prickly at times, and struggle showing my true emotions, like Christina. And I have lived Kyra’s financial struggles and battle between focusing on the child (children, in my case) she already has or expending the energy to hopefully have more.

I think Megan probably has the most of me, and Trent is definitely the most like my husband. But I relate to each of the three women in a very real, but very different way. I’ve read this book dozens of times. I’ve spent more time and energy on this story than any other I’ve ever written. But when I listened to the audio a few months ago, I still cried as I read their struggles. They’re still as real to me as the day I wrote the first chapter nearly six years ago.


Lindzee, thank you again for joining us today! And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s review of Chasing Someday!

Happy Friday!
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