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[Book Review] Dino Dino Doing Homework – Claressa Swensen

Yesterday, I shared one of my favorite #kidlit authors with you and her adorable book, Teensy the Littlest Fairy. Today, I am gushing over yet another of Claressa Swensen’s books, Dino Dino Doing Homework. 


And it’s FREE on Kindle today only!

Like Teensy yesterday, Dino Dino teaches kids a lesson. This book is about an adorable little dinosaur who loves to play with his toys all day but, alas, he doesn’t want to do his homework.

image used with permission of the author, Claressa Swensen

He’s a child – well, dino-child. Of course he doesn’t want to do his homework! But then Mommy Dinosaur sits down with him and shows him to take things one at a time and Dino finds out that maybe his homework wasn’t as hard or as bad as he thought it was going to be. Now, if only I could apply this to getting Lady Quinn and Mister Chu to pick up their toys!

What did the minis think of this one? Lady Quinn was a bit more partial to Teensy but Mister Chu loved Dino Dino Doing Homework 🙂 The illustrations, done by Yogesh Mahajan, caught his attention right away! He loved the bright colors and pointing out some of his favorite toys in the book (of course, the cars!). The story is simple enough that he was able to follow along as I read to him and definitely enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, as we only had this book in Kindle format, I didn’t get any pictures of the minis reading. (Little do they know, they’re getting Dino Dino Doing Homework for Halloween – the neighbors will stuff them full of plenty of candy . . . this mama gives books!). So, don’t forget to stop by our Instagram when those go up! And, speaking of Halloween, I promised you an adorable little add-on from our generous author! Claressa, thanks so much for letting me share this adorable seek-and-find with my mini readers!


Isn’t that adorable? Just in time for Halloween! Mister Chu had so much fun finding all the hidden treats (Lady Quinn just wanted to poke the tablet screen with her fingers – maybe next year lol).

Final review – we loved this book! The illustrations are bright and adorable, the story is simple and teaches kids a wonderful lesson! And it’s so much fun for the kids to read 🙂 And for today only, it’s FREE on Kindle!

Happy Tuesday, booknerds and mini booknerds 🙂
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