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[Kidlit Spotlight] Teensy the Littlest Fairy – Claressa Swensen [Book Review]


Having loved Kid’s Book Week so much, we at the Ginger Mom decided to do a monthly Kidlit Spotlight. And Claressa Swensen has joined us on the blog a couple times so when she offered her book, Teensy the Littlest Fairy as our first Kidlit Spotlight, we jumped on it!

And seriously, this book is adorable! Not just the illustrations (and those are gorgeous, too!)


See what I mean? But that’s not the only reason we love this book (me, Mister Chu, and Lady Quinn read it together . . . many, many times). I love books where kids learn a lesson without knowing they’re learning a lesson.

Teensy doesn’t like being the smallest fairy in the forest, because none of the other fairies notice her. What do you think could make her bigger? Come fly with Teensy and her friends and discover what makes a fairy grow!

What kid, at one point or another, doesn’t wish they were bigger? Mister Chu is only closing in on 4 and he already acts too grown up for my liking. And he always wants to stand on something to make himself bigger. So I could tell, as we read this book and re-read it, that he (on some 3-year-old level) understood what Teensy was going through. Lady Quinn liked it for the sheer fact that it had paper pages, not the thick board book pages. Don’t think I trust you yet, little Lady.


We absolutely loved this book. And tomorrow we are sharing our review of Claressa’s Dino Dino Doing Homework (with a special little Halloween download for the kids!)

And don’t forget, we have our 2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge coming up next year and we’re doing it for both #kidlit and #adultfiction! And, though I have a three-year-old, I am still new to children’s books. Have any recommendations? Know an author who would love to be spotlighted / interviewed for the challenge? Email us at gingermomquest17[at]gmail[dot]com and we’d love to have your book on the blog! (here ends shameless plug).

Happy Monday, booknerds and mini-booknerds!
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