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Autumn #30DayBookBinge TBR

In June, I joined BookRatMisty in her quest to read every single day for 30 days. Now, she’s at it again and we’re reading along with her! October not only brings chillier weather, pumpkins, and kids dressed up in crazy costumes demanding sugar – it also brings the autumn round of #30DayBookBinge! So it’s time to announce the Ginger Mom’s TBR for this exciting challenge (and yes, I know there are 31 days in October – watch the video and you will see that we get Halloween off! Have a freebie in there).

Because I have absolutely no self control when it comes to signing up for reviews, my TBR will consist mostly of book tour ARCs.

30dayautumn tbr

The Sky Throne by Chris Ledbetter (this book basically puts an adolescent Zeus in a Mount Olympus high school-type setting. After my slight obsession with Percy Jackson, this one was a given. I am about 1/3 of the way through it and will be finishing it for the Ginger Mom’s stop on the tour on the 20th!)

Remembrance and Vengeance by Michelle Madow (these are books 1 and 1.5 in the Transcend Time Saga and I will be listening to them on audio for another tour!)

Then we have Beyond Believing by D.D. Marx – a chick lit romance novel – for another tour just before Halloween! (See what I mean? No self control!)

And finally, Thrill of Love by Melissa Foster for our last tour of the month (unless there is something I have forgotten!)

Are you interested in joining us to read everyday for 30 days? Let us know in the comments below, send Misty a shout-out on YouTube, or stop by Misty’s or the Ginger Mom’s Twitter pages to let us know you’re in! And then get reading! That’s where I’m heading now! Happy October!

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