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[Author Interview] Claressa Swensen [Kid’s Book Week 2017]

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I can’t believe how quick this week has gone! We’re already to the last day of Kid’s Book Week! And with us today, we have Claressa Swensen, author of Dino Dino Doing Homework and Teensy the Littlest Fairy.


Megan: Welcome, Claressa! We are so happy to have you here, finishing out Kid’s Book Week! Since our interview with you in 2016, I’d like to know – how has being a new mom changed your views on writing/publishing, if at all?
Claressa: I have always been passionate about writing. But my little girl has me working even harder than I already was. I want her to see her mom be successful. I want her to know that she can achieve anything and everything if she works hard enough for it. Also, the look on her face when I read her my stories is priceless. There really aren’t words to describe how rewarding writing (and being a mommy) is.

Megan: That’s a great motivator if I ever heard one! Is there a part of writing kid’s books that you like best?
Claressa: Aside from watching the illustrations bring my story to life? Getting to spend time working closely with kids. Encouraging them to follow their dreams. Watching their faces light up when they read my stories. It really is a rewarding genre to write in.

Megan: Many authors are also avid readers. Are you? And if so, do you have a favorite or go-to author?
Claressa: Honestly, I really just love to read other children’s books. I mean, it is the genre I chose to get into for a reason. I love illustrations, and the way they bring the story to life. I’m a child at heart myself, and I love being able to work with kids. I am passionate about the genre I chose.

Megan: That is great! Is there anything else you would like to share with us before we go?
Claressa: Yes, actually! After much hard work, two of my books – Teensy the Littlest Fairy and Dino Dino Doing Homework are now available in select Barnes & Noble stores, including 7 locations across the state (Utah).

dino dino doing homeworkBarnes & Noble | Wal-Mart | Amazon

teensy the littlest fairyBarnes & Noble | Wal-Mart | Amazon

That’s all we have for today! And here at the Ginger Mom, we’ve been toying with the idea of doing a monthly Kid’s Spotlight. I’m interested to hear what you think of that? How many of you would be interested in an author/illustrator/children’s book spotlight once a month? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’d like to hear more from Claressa, check out her Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads 🙂

Thank you to all our amazing authors and illustrators who participated in the First Annual Kid’s Book Week! We had so much fun this week and can’t wait to see what happens next year!

Happy Friday, booknerds 🙂
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25 thoughts on “[Author Interview] Claressa Swensen [Kid’s Book Week 2017]”

  1. The books look very cute. It’s great when someone follows their passion and starts a career doing what they love. It looks like Claressa is lucky to be able to do what she loves, writing books for children.


  2. I am definitely interested in a monthly spotlight on children’s authors!!! I’ve never heard of this author before but today I’m going to pick up here book for my little boy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It definitely would be 🙂 Although, I would need someone else to do the artwork! I know there are authors out there who do it all but I am not that talented lol! Thanks for stopping and sorry for the delayed response 🙂


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