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[Review] Project Pandora – Aden Polydoros [Blog Tour]


Welcome to Ginger Mom’s stop on the Project Pandora tour! I first want to say thank you to the hosts at Chapter by Chapter tours, Entangled Teen, and of course, Aden Polydoros for the review copy I received. The gifting of this book, however, in no way influenced my review and my opinions are my own. That being said, let’s dive in and talk about the book of the hour!

project pandora - aden polydoros

Tyler Bennett trusts no one. Just another foster kid bounced from home to home, he’s learned that lesson the hard way. Cue world’s tiniest violin. But when strange things start happening – waking up with bloody knuckles and no memory of the night before or the burner phone he can’t let out of his sight – Tyler starts to wonder if he can even trust himself. 

Even stranger, the girl he’s falling for has a burner phone just like his. Finding out what’s really happening only leads to more questions . . . questions that could get them both killed. It’s not like someone’s kidnapping teens lost in the system and brainwashing them to be assassins or anything, right? And what happens to rogue assets who defy control? 

In a race against the clock, they’ll have to uncover the truth behind Project Pandora and take it down – before they’re reactivated. Good thing the program spent millions training them to kick ass . . . 

Megan's review

The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the Greek mythology code names everyone had. Zeus, Hades, Persephone, Apollo, Artemis. I am a big lover of Greek mythology (ask my collection of Rick Riordan books!) so that was an immediate plus to me. And, though the blurb for the book centers around Tyler and Shannon (Apollo and Artemis), I found myself more drawn to Hades and Elizabeth (Persephone).

Even though there were four main perspectives for this book, I really didn’t have any trouble keeping them separate. And I liked how each perspective gave the reader a different look at the same basic story.

One downfall was that it seemed like the story took awhile to really get going. Not saying the stuff in the beginning wasn’t completely necessary, though. I enjoyed it and it definitely moved the plot along. It just seemed to me like the part of the story that the summary focuses on just took awhile to get moving. I was 40% into it before Tyler even really started noticing that weird stuff was happening.

Let’s talk about Hades and Elizabeth really quick before I let you go 🙂 I really liked that Aden brought the Persephone / Hades myth into this story. It’s always been one that has fascinated me and it really explains part of why the two characters are so drawn to each other. I think it added a nice depth to them and, was one of the reasons they were my favorite characters.

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– About the Author – 
Aden Polydoros

Aden Polydoros grew up in Long Grove, Illinois, the youngest of three children. Aden’s family moved to Arizona when he was in second grade. As a kid, he spent much of his time exploring the desert near his home. When he wasn’t searching for snakes and lizards, he was raiding the bookshelves of the local library. As a teenager, Aden decided that he wanted to be a writer. He spent his free time writing short stories. He was encouraged by his English teacher to try his hand at writing a novel, which inspired him to begin Project Pandora. The YA thriller is set for publication with Entangled Publishing in September 2017. He is represented by Mallory Brown of Triada US.

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