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[#currentlyreading] Chapter 1

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Hi everyone!!

Well, what am I reading?? I am way deep into the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt. Right now I’m reading Dog Tags . . . I believe it’s the eighth book in the series.  So . . . if you love dogs (especially Goldens), some salty, sarcastic humor (hey, works for me) and a storyline that keeps you going (here we go, falling down the rabbit hole again), I’m sure you will enjoy this series! I have gotten most of mine on my Kindle because when I’m done with one, I want to be able to go on to the next one!!

What are you #currentlyreading? Join us on Twitter and tweet yours (don’t forget to tag @ginger_mom17 so we can see it too!)

Happy Thursday!
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2 thoughts on “[#currentlyreading] Chapter 1”

  1. Dog tags sounds like a cute beach read for Nantucket! I’m reading a book about the history of Alice in Wonderland and the author, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll is his pen name)

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