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[Audio Tour] Hooked On You – Patrice Wilton [Review]

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This riveting romance is the second book in the Paradise Cove series set in the Florida Keys. Three high-spirited sisters inherit Paradise Cove Cottages, and each story is a standalone. Taylor Holmes has a lot on her plate – running a family owned resort, planning a wedding for her sister, and now the added worry as she opens her dream cafe. Throw in a hurricane and a sexy boat captain who doesn’t take no for an answer, and this book will keep you glued to your Kindle. Romance, passion, danger, and hot, hot nights guarantee reading pleasure. 

hooked on you - patrice wilton

Oh you stubborn a**es!!

I was worried (as I am with all companion novels) that I wouldn’t like this book as much of the first. I loved Kayla and Sean so I thought I was going to be disappointed when it came to Taylor and Colt. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth!

I loved Taylor and Colt’s relationship stubbornly clashing battle of wits. They were so set on not falling in love through so much of the story that, while it was great entertainment, you also wanted to shout at them to just get on with it already! How two people could be so perfect for each other, so attracted to each other, and yet so stubborn was just beyond my comprehension!

And everything that happens in this book! My goodness! It’s one twist after another. Throw their hot and cold relationship on top and you know you have one steamy, exciting, romancey wild ride!

Favorite character this time around? Juanita, definitely. She is such a sweet, motherly character and I love how she worked her way into this one.

This is an audiobook tour so I suppose we should at least touch on the narration, right? One word – phenomenal. Where my complaint at the beginning of Paradise Cove was about the voices all being similar, that certainly wasn’t the case this time. Maybe it was because I had gotten to know them this time around but it was so easy to listen to this book. And Cynthia Vail did an amazing job yet again!

Disclaimer (same as with Paradise Cove) – This book does have a few very steamy sexual encounters but it wasn’t over the top. I suppose I would call it an 18+ novel but it wasn’t too bad. 

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And with that, I leave you. Happy Thursday!
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  1. Oh I am so happy we are part of the same tours and I can comment with someone 🙂
    You are definitely right about Juanita! She is the most mature of them all 🙂 great review!

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