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[Author Interview] Katy Haye

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Today we have Katy Haye, author of Rising Tides, with us! So who is she? Let’s see what Amazon has to say about the lady behind the book . . .

Katy Haye spends as much time as possible in either her own or someone else’s imaginary worlds. She has a fearsome green tea habit, a partiality for dark chocolate brazils and a fascination with the science of storytelling.

When not lost in a good book, Katy may be found on her allotment growing veg and keeping hens in order to maximize her chances of survival in the event of a zombie apocalypse or similar catastrophe (you never know!).

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Megan: Welcome, Katy! We are so excited to have you here with us! Let’s get on with the interview, shall we? So, what is your favorite part of being an author?
Katy: I genuinely like everything about writing stories. I love that my brain is constantly filled with characters shouting to get their stories out in the world; I love drafting a new book and seeing the story unfold; I delight in the revising and editing stages where I aim to tell the story in the best way I can (now I know what the story actually is!). and while I don’t like the marketing side of things that goes with being an independent author, I love being in charge of it all, and I like learning how it all fits together to make a successful book.

Megan: Was this what you always wanted to do or was there something else you wanted to be when you grew up?
Katy: When I was about 4 years old (before I could read for myself), my mum was reading a story to me. When she finished I asked her if you had to pay a printer to turn your story, that you’d made up in your head, into a book. She explained that no, publishers paid YOU to turn your story into a book. Mind. Blown. That’s when I decided a writer was what I was going to be when I grew up. I’ve never wanted to do anything else, although I have the usual artists eclectic mix of jobs undertaken to pay the bills.

Megan: Now to the one that has been recently dubbed “my favorite question” – You’re stranded on a deserted island. You can take any 3 books with you. What do you choose?
Katy: On a desert island, I’d take Jumper by Steven Gould because it’s the book I go back and re-read most often so I’m confident I wouldn’t get bored by it. I guess I’d like a survival handbook or something by Bear Grylls to ensure I didn’t starve/dehydrate to death on the island (my ruling trait is pragmatism), and if I can bend the definition a bit, I’d have a really big notebook for my third book to ensure i could keep writing (I could use bits of charcoal from the campfire for a pencil, that’s fine), because if I couldn’t write I wouldn’t be on a desert island, I’d be in hell!

Megan: Spoken like a true author 🙂 Okay, let’s talk about your characters for a bit! Which of them was the most fun to write? Why?
Katy: I reckon I always think that the character I like best, or who’s the most fun, is the one I’m writing NOW. I’m loving writing Clara Lissing’s stories in my nearly-out steampunk series, A Clockwork War. She is so much fun, and I’m now writing the third and she has quite an arc during the series as more and more secrets and shenanigans get uncovered.

Megan: Anything else you’d like to share with us before you go?
Katy: You can read Clara’s first adventure, The Clockwork War, exclusively in Shattered Worlds (23 speculative YA/NA stories), which releases August 8th. Grab a copy on your preferred device for just .99 on Amazon. Don’t want to commit yourself without knowing you like my style? Try The Replacement Princess for free, it’s a prequel short story to The Clockwork War, and is also available in all formats. Links can be found at .

I have my copy pre-ordered already! Shattered Worlds comes out tomorrow! Yay!

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Thank you again, Katy! It was so much fun having you on the blog! Happy Monday, everyone 🙂
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