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[Author Interview] Jesikah Sundin

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I have to say, my favorite part of reading and book blogging is definitely getting to know these amazing authors! A few days ago, I was given the opportunity to share my review of a great new dystopian by Jesikah Sundin. While I had my head buried in her book, I asked Jesikah if she’d do an interview for us and guess what? She said yes! I had so much fun with this one (yes, I know I say that for all of them because honestly, I really do) because I loved getting inside her head!

Jesikah is the author of the dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy (should we see how many genres I can stumble through before I’m done?) series, The Biodome Chronicles. She’s also a fellow Lindsay Stirling addict (if you haven’t heard her music, oh my are you ever missing out!). We are so excited to have her with us today!

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Megan: Welcome, Jesikah! I always love asking what got authors started on their paths, so what about you? What made you want to be an author? Or was it just something you always wanted to do?
Jesikah: I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can recall memories. First to my little sister. Then to the wildflowers and trees and any animal that crossed my path. And probably to a few bewildered people I cornered while I was still young and developing social cues. But it wasn’t until I met my writing partner at age 15 that I even considered writing a novel. Whole worlds and endless possibilities became mine at that serendipitous moment Melissa and I started what would become a life-long womance. Within minutes of meeting each other, we began plotting out a historical fiction mystery featuring two stowaways from Amsterdam (we never finished that story). At that time, however, my focus was entirely on becoming a technical writer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, not creative endeavors despite my unfettered imagination. Oh how life makes for others plans, though. I never worked for NOAA. But my writing partner and I are still best friends (over two decades later) and have enjoyed many writerly adventures together. She is currently writing a historical fiction piece and I write ecopunk science fiction.

Megan: My absolute favorite question – if you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 books (or authors) would you want with you?
Jesikah: Only three books? THREE? I’m kinda panicking here *bites fingernails*.
1. The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. Beautiful writing. And, gah! The characters and world. I want to go to Cabeswater. *sneaks in The Scorpio Races when Megan isn’t looking* Uh, yeah. Maggie books are awesome.
2. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. I want to write like him when I grow up!
3. A Holly Black book. Or two. All of her titles.
Um . . . I have a problem. I couldn’t pick three books if my life depended on it. I would die clutching them all. *whispers* I love you my pretty, pretty books . . .

Megan: Oh yes, I saw that 🙂 Okay, let’s talk about your book now. Is there any scene in Legacy you would love to jump into? What about it appeals to you?
Jesikah: Hmm . . . that’s an interesting question. I’ve been asked many questions since authordom, but not that one.
Well, I live near Seattle and grew up in Southern California. The Outside World, despite its futuristic tech, doesn’t grip my imagination quite like the anachronistic world of New Eden Township. In particular, I love the scene when Oaklee is sitting in her tree and appreciating her landscape and community, before Leaf interrupts her musings with a forbidden encounter. Even then, I giggled with her younger sister antics while writing them. Such a happy scene for this book.
Now, in Elements – book two – I would love to join The Harvest. I want to hear the women singing as they gather felled wheat and see the baby bassinets hanging in the fruit trees. And, in Transitions, I want to join the Mid-Winter Feasts so I can dance and be merry after several cupfuls of wassail.

Megan: Okay, this is a two-part question . . . computer or handwritten when you write? and Kindle/Nook or hardcover/paperback when you read?
Jesikah: I hand-write my outline but employ a keyboard when scene writing. I prefer hardcovers, but will read whatever is put in my hands, regardless of medium.

Megan: And let’s go with a little freebie question here – is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Jesikah: Sure. Prepare, blog reader, for a shameless plug!
Join my newsletter, Heard it on the Wind… to receive updates, research musings, and flash fiction from Yours Truly, and to peruse hand-selected collections of free, discounted, and new release titles from other SFF/YA authors.
Also, if you listen to music while reading (let’s say, Legacy, for example *wink, wink*), I recommend The Biodome Chronicles playlist on Spotify. Hours of continuous music, people. HOURS. Perfect for book series bingeing.

Thank you so much, Jesikah! I enjoyed Legacy and am on my way to dive into Elements as soon as I finish this!

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That’s all I have for now! Happy Sunday!
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  1. You asked some great questions! I do book reviews and occasional author interviews on my blog too-it’s WONDERFUL to be able to talk to an author your admire. I haven’t encountered this book yet, but I love her personality, and dystopia is definitely a favorite genre of mine. Ecopunk science fictions sounds right up my alley!

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