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[Review] Love’s First Kiss – Stacy Claflin

This book was my first introduction into the Kindle Worlds. I know so little about it (so seriously, if anyone reading this knows what it’s all about, please let me in on this new thing!).

love's first kiss - stacy claflin

She’s burdened by guilt and tragedy. He wants to help her, but he has secrets of his own. 

Madisyn Steele graduated college with no job lined up and no income of her own. She returned to her childhood home where her wealthy and overbearing father won’t wait for her to get her life in order. He’s continuing his domineering pattern and ruling her life, even going so far as to ignore her wishes by trying to arrange her marriage to Reese Rutherford, a man she despises – just to solidify his business prospects. 

Nate Roberts is barely making ends meet. Despite his hardships, he plans to make it on his own and never return to the home he ran from years earlier. He’s begging friends for food the night he has a chance encounter with Madisyn and everything changes. First he’s willing to go back to Sweet Grove and earn an honest wage for her, then he’s ready to chance hauling illegal contraband just to make the kind of money she’s used to. 

Madisyn doesn’t care about material things. She only cares about Nate. But her father’s plans and Reese’s schemes threaten the future she and Nate are trying to build. Can they reveal their secrets and work through all the issues keeping them apart, or will they ultimately push each other away?

I really enjoyed this book! Even though it was just a novella and therefore, short by definition, I still felt like I flew through it. It was nice to see both Madisyn and Nate having things in their pasts that they didn’t want others to find out about and instead of wrecking the romance, it actually brings them closer. And it was nice to find a romance where it didn’t all lead to sex and then stop there. There weren’t any sex scenes in this book . . . a refreshing change.

Many times, I will skip novellas because things are just too rushed. And here I’m thinking a romance? Isn’t that a bit quick? But that wasn’t the case here! The characters knew each other from high school so they already had the basics, but it had been years since they saw each other. Even with that, I was surprised by how natural everything progressed. I didn’t feel like it was rushed just to keep it under a certain word count.

On that note, everything really wrapped up well, even though I would love to see more from Madisyn and Nate! I didn’t think I was going to like Nate all that much, to be honest, but he really grows on you! I’m excited to dive into the rest of the books in this Kindle World (a very new concept to me – help!) and see what the other authors bring to the table, as well as devouring more of Stacy Claflin’s books!

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Check it out on Goodreads or visit Stacy on her website or Twitter!

Happy Wednesday!
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