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[Review] Cauldron Bubble – Wendy Knight

cauldron bubble - wendy knight

I have to say that the only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it came to an end. Biggest plus? Twins for main characters! I did have a hard time deciding who my favorite character was in this book, however. I liked Fate, her spunky attitude and just generally who she is. Also, I read this along with listening to the Audible version (I will review that later), and I really liked how the narrator portrayed Fate.

In the end, I think Destiny came out on top as my favorite character. I related more to her. She’s quieter and usually more down-to-earth than her sister. I loved the way the twins interacted with each other, too . . . in a way that you only see with twins.

This book definitely deserves all five stars! Interested in checking it out? Not only can you find Cauldron Bubble on Amazon, but also it’s sequel (Fire Burn) and conclusion (Toil & Trouble). Why not binge-read them? Once you pick them up, it’s going to be hard to put them down!

Happy Tuesday!


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