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[Guest Post] Melissa Chambers – Dream Cast of “Falling For Forever”

You know how I’ve been raving about Falling For Forever by Melissa Chambers for the last few weeks? (a book review, an interview, another book review . . . wow!) Well, how about a dream cast list for the book from the author herself? I am excited to be a part of the Chapter by Chapter blog tour for this amazing book and joining us today is Melissa Chambers! So, without further ado . . .

Oh, how fun! Okay . . . 

Jenna – Jenna has huge green eyes, and big, crazy blond hair, so this makes no sense, but I had Sarah Hyland from Modern Family in mind while writing her. I guess you’d say I had the idea of Sarah with different color features. 

Miles – Cole Sprouse. I’m kidding. I just wanted to get the attention of every teen girl reading this. But actually, now that I think about it, he would make a fantastic Miles! #jugheadjonesforever

Shane – This was really hard. And I probably shouldn’t admit how long I spent Googling for the right guy. But I’m settling on Austin Butler from The Carrie Diaries. 

Greta – This one was super simple. Vanessa Marano from Switched at Birth. Love me some Bay Kennish!

Jasmine – Another easy one. Jenna actually thinks of Jasmine as being a Keke Palmer look-a-like, so there you go. 

Dev – I think I’ll go with Suraj Sharma from Life of Pi. 

Nicolette – Lily Collins from The Mortal Instruments. 

Nat – Let’s go with Craig Roberts from Red Oaks, but we’ll all have to picture him with a shaved head!

Jenna’s dad – Man, it’s not easy to find a blond, bearded, middle-aged guy with biggish eyes (so he looks a little like Jenna). If he had blond hair, I think Jake Gyllenhaal would work best. Then again, he’s a little young. Let’s reserve this role for a newcomer. 🙂

Jenna’s mom – Maybe Courtney Cox. Imagine her more stoic than Monica from Friends. 

So much fun! Thank you, Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest, for letting me dream a little today! 

Thank you so much, Melissa, for joining us today! Your cast list definitely did not disappoint (and I am a bit embarrassed to say that I Googled more than one of your answers . . . guess my head is buried in a book more often than I thought and I need to catch up on my actors!). And, of course, thank you to Chapter by Chapter for letting me be a part of this tour!

If you’d like to connect with Melissa, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and her website! Stop by and say hi! And while you’re at it, check out Falling For Forever on Amazon!
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