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[Review] Trailer on the Fly – Karen Musser Nortman

trailer on the fly - karen musser nortmanThis book was so much fun for us because it was the second book we’ve read for our Ginger Mom Book Club (just the two of us but still tons of fun! And for those of you who haven’t read The Time Travel Trailer (book 1), there will be a few spoilers in this review . . . just so you’re warned.

How many of us wished at some time or another we could go back in time and change an action or a decision or just take back something that was said? But it is what it is. There is no rewind, reboot, delete key or any other trick to change the past, right? Lynne McBriar can. She bought a 1937 camper that turned out to be a time portal. And when she meets a young woman who suffers from serious depression over the loss of a close friend ten years earlier, she has the power to do something about it. And there is no reason not to use that power. Right?

I think this book had an equal amount of things I liked and didn’t like. For example, I liked the book itself but felt the ending was WAY too abrupt. One minute you’re reading and then you turn the page and hello, the story has ended!

There were a couple characters & story lines that I wish had been expanded on a bit more. Ben and Minnie were a very good example of that. You’re introduced to them at the very end of the first book and then only given snippits of them in this book. I really would have liked to see more of that. Lynne’s grandma was another tangent I would have liked to see more of (beyond what we were showed in the first book).

The biggest problem I had with this book (though, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it), was that there were some scenes that just seemed abrupt. You would get this big build-up and then plop! it just seemed to fizzle out. Maybe I cruised through a bit too fast but the story line seemed just a tad thin in places.

We both really liked the part about the Sisters on the Fly group. It was fun to learn that it was actually a real group. I know Megan really enjoyed the characters – some of them had hilarious personalities!

Overall – three and a half stars. I’m glad I bought it, will probably read it again, but am really hoping that the third book ties more things together, maybe about Dinah going to college? Or Kurt and Lynne?

If you’d like to give it a try, check it out on Amazon (but please, read The Time Travel Trailer first).

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13 thoughts on “[Review] Trailer on the Fly – Karen Musser Nortman”

    1. I would love to check it out! I tried your link but it doesn’t work. What is your YouTube channel? I’m always looking for more book reviewers to watch 🙂 (one of my guilty pleasures lol)


    1. We are always looking for new authors and new books! Especially the non-Stephen King status authors. Its so much fun to promote their books if you know you’re actually making a difference 🙂 thanks for the comment


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