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#30DayBookBinge Wrap-Up

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Toward the end of May, I saw a BookTube video about a 30 day reading challenge. The only rule? Read everyday. I thought hey, I can do that! Even though I was in a bit of a reading slump . . . still enjoying reading, just not really finding the time for it. So, I took the challenge and decided to go for it!

Oh. My. Wow! I am stunned by what I accomplished in June! First of all, challenge definitely completed!

I read six books in June (one as an audio), finished the last half of an audiobook, and started two more books (again, an audio and a Kindle . . . are we starting to see a pattern here?). My Kindle Fire was a recently new purchase still, so I only read one physical book this month. But still, reading is reading! I posted four reviews (The Time Travel Trailer, Anna & the French Kiss, Princess of the Damnedand Instruments of the Angels), as well as one more coming out on July 3rd for release day (Falling For Forever).

This may not sound like a lot, but for someone who was averaging one or two books a month (tops!), this is incredible progress. And just by committing to reading everyday. Simple.

I also got back to listening to audiobooks on my way to/from work this month, as well as having my Kindle or phone nearby when putting the little ones to bed.

In short, I would call June a complete success. Bring on the next round!
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