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[Review] Princess of the Damned – Wendy Knight

princess of the damned - wendy knight

What do you do when the face in the mirror isn’t yours? Landon has never seen his own reflection. He saw hers instead. He grew up watching this girl in the mirror grow with him. Grew up memorizing every feature, every movement, every horror she endured. He can see into her palace, into the darkness she’s trapped in. 
When he was little, he told his parents about her. They thought she was an imaginary friend, and they humored him. 
But she didn’t go away. And when Landon was seventeen, he fell in love with her. She is a captive of the Queen of the Damned. Now he’ll risk everything to try to save her – his life, his home, his entire world. 
Bloody Mary.
The queen in the mirror. 
Bloody Mary.
Waiting to steal your soul.
Bloody Ma . . . 

Absolutely. Freaking. Amazing!

For the longest time, this book sat on my TBR pile, untouched. Wendy has been one of my go-to authors for a long time and I have always loved her books. But for some reason, I couldn’t make myself pick it up. Maybe it was Bloody Mary. So when the book of the month came around at the beginning of June and Wendy announced that we were reading Princess of the Damned, I pulled out the Audible version and put both feet in, ready to conquer my fears and face Bloody Mary.

Oh. My. Wow.

Hannah Preisinger did an amazing job with the narration for this book. Mary and Elizabeth like to squeal and scream a lot in this book and she captured their temperaments perfectly! So perfect, in fact, that I actually liked listening to Bloody Mary’s character for the majority of the book. Her voice isn’t evil and scary . . . it’s soft and sweet. Until she screams. And the mirrors! And the claws! And Cassie . . . oh, I want to ring her neck myself!

There is one point in the book, about two-thirds of the way through, when Mary really shows her true colors. I was listening to it in the car, by myself, at night, alone, in the dark. Get the picture? And now, I thank you Wendy, I can no longer use the bathroom in the dark in the middle of the night because I am terrified Bloody Mary will climb through my mirror!

In short, I loved everything about this book. I only wish it hadn’t taken me near as long to get to it. On the bright side? There are more Skeleton Key (that’s the series) books to read! But first, if you’re interested in this one (and I highly recommend it!), grab a copy on Amazon or check out some of Wendy’s other books. You won’t be disappointed!

Just remember . . . turn on the light before you enter a room with a mirror and never, under any circumstances, say the words “Bloody Mary” three times in a row. Never. Ever.

Happy Thursday!


11 thoughts on “[Review] Princess of the Damned – Wendy Knight”

  1. Haha I love the kind of book that makes you turn on lights before you go into a room! Look like a good read (or listen!)


  2. Gah, I hate the Bloody Mary stories, absolutely freaked me out as a kid and still freak me out a bit now. But I do love horror stories, this has been sitting in my “to-read” pile too but maybe I should just face up to my fears as well.


    1. I won’t necessarily call it a horror story. There are parts that freak you out but most of it is kinda like the adventure of the two main characters together and their race to stop Bloody Mary, etc.


    1. It does wonders for the character, though. She is freaky and incredible all at the same time! And that’s totally ok…not every book is for everyone. Thanks for commenting, though 🙂


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