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[Review] Instruments of the Angels – Monica Leonelle

instruments of the angels - monica leonelle

I read this book over Father’s Day weekend (what a wonderful husband I have – he didn’t complain at all that I kept disappearing into my book when we weren’t out picnicking with the little ones). It did not disappoint at all! I loved the supernatural aspect of it, working in classic characters (Michael the archangel) and twisting others (Lucifer as Luci).

The main character (well, one of them – that’s another thing I loved – multiple points of view!), Brie, finds out in the beginning of the book that there’s something . . . different about her. She is a Hallow, and a very powerful one at that. She is a daughter of Michael, one of two. Very rare. So the whole book (at least Brie’s part of it) is about her figuring out who she really is and dealing with that, along with trying to deal with the death of her mother.

A big part of the book also centers around Brie’s brother, Pilot. He is having dreams about their mother and a nightclub, and trying to piece together all of these pieces that turn out to be clues to a bigger puzzle.

I love how everything fit together and at the end of the book, although it easily sets itself up for book two, you still have a few “aha!” moments where things start fitting together. I really did enjoy this book and can’t wait to start the next one!

Interested in checking it out for yourself? Pick it up on Amazon and give it a go! It’s even free on Kindle Unlimited right now!

Happy Tuesday!


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