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[Review] The Time Travel Trailer – Karen Musser Nortman

the time travel trailer - karen musser nortman

My mom and I read this one for our book club and I definitely enjoyed it. It’s about a woman who is separated from her husband and ends up buying a 1937 Covered Wagon trailer from an elderly neighbor. She starts remodeling it and decides to take it out camping. She goes to sleep at night and bam! She wakes up in the 60s!

I am all for a good time travel book. And that’s exactly what this was. I loved the quirky adventures Lynne gets herself into, especially when her snarky (and extremely whiny) teenage daughter, Dinah, tags along on a camping trip. Each time they remodel something in the trailer, they end up in a different time.

One downfall to this book . . . I didn’t like Dinah in the very beginning. She was rude and (although, a typical teenager) I didn’t like her. Kurt, either (Lynne’s husband). Thankfully (mild spoiler), they both change for the better as the book progresses.

I am definitely interested to see where this adventure leads.

Happy reading!


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