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[Review] Heartlocked – C.S. Moore

heartlocked - cs moore

I read this book almost a month ago and oh my wow! What a sequel!

I easily enjoyed this book as much as the first one! The characters grew and changed, and some new ones popped up, as well. Cass has really grown on me and I think he might be one of my new favorite characters.

Again, I was caught immediately by the cover on this one. And, though I haven’t read many mermaid books before, I feel like this one is still a unique take on it. I am anxiously awaiting book 3! If it ties up what I think it will (sorry, no spoilers here), it promises to be quite a finish. All in all, I loved this one and highly recommend it!

If you missed yesterday’s review on book 1, you can check it out here. If you’ve read either one (need a copy? Amazon has one!), I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! And check back next month for an interview with C.S. Moore! I’m excited . . . are you?

Happy reading!


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